EYE is an ERC-20 token. It is the utility & governance token for the Morgoth DAO. Eye has an initial supply of 10 million. and will only decrease in time as a it is a deflationary token.
    It will form a core component of the mining operation, liquidity queuing.
    In the MorgothDAO, it will be leveraged via game theory to address governance such as a dispute resolution system similar to Kleros.
    Also, in keeping with the ethos of everything in the Behodler ecosystem, Eye is burnable and deflationary.
Since the launch of Behodler 2, EYE was upgraded to be a burnable token. The burn can be called manually or automatic when EYE is traded on Behodler as the input token. The burn % is still to be announced.
Contract: 0x155ff1A85F440EE0A382eA949f24CE4E0b751c65


EYE was launch in September 2020 with an initial fixed supply of 10 million tokens.
    30% of the supply was airdropped to DGVC/ETH LPs
    30% was held by Justin Goro and Degen Labs - split as following
      one-third held in a multi-sig wallet
      two-thirds time locked in Unicrypt
    40% reserved to incentivize Liquidity Queuing
During December 2020 100,000 EYE was airdropped to existing Uniswap EYE/ETH LPs
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