New tokens listings on Behodler

All new tokens added to Behodler will go through a pre-seeding process via the Limbo Dapp.

Via the upcoming Limbo release, at least 100 new tokens will be added and go through the pre-seeding process, incentivized with the Flan rewards token.

Curation of this list of new token additions is ongoing, and subject to security review. For now, tokens to be listed will meet a certain standard such as no unilateral admin minting function and overflow/underflow checks such as OpenZeppelin.

Here is a sample of likely additions, subject to change:

Aave, COMP, CRV, 0x, 1inch, Badger, BAL, REN, Rune, Sushi, Uni.

We also plan to list a diverse amount of popular LP tokens and interest bearing tokens, so liquidity providers and holders of yield tokens can easily and inexpensively swap positions

For example:

aSUSD, Uniswap v2 DAI/USDC LP, Uniswap v2 USDC/ETH LP, Sushiswap DAI/USDC LP, curve stETH/ETH LP, xSushi, kETH.

An ongoing proposed list can be found here.

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