Limbo is Behodler's DAO-governed yield farming DApp

Limbo is the first community-governed yield-farming DApp in DeFi. Because the Law of Uniform Tentacle requires every new token added to Behodler to be pre-seeded to equilibrium liquidity to the rest of the tokens, Limbo's first use will be to facilitate and reward the addition of of liquidity for new tokens.

The primary purpose of Limbo will be to provide a way to liquidity mine new token listings onto Behodler. Limbo provides this mechanism by issuing a reward token (Flan) to stakers of a list of governance approved tokens. When the threshold equilibrium level is reached, the staked tokens are migrated.

Behodler's unique design allows for creative implementations to further bring liquidity to Behodler and value to token-holders and community participants. One of these implementations in Limbo is called automining. Scarcity (SCX) burns a small portion on every transfer, adding to an ever-growing pool of permanently locked liquidity on Behodler. If SCX LP pairs are listed on Limbo as well, this would lead to further permanent locking of SCX beyond the fee-on-transfer portion.


Limbo’s main form of pool will be threshold based. Here, a goal of TVL is set and when the goal is reached, the pool locks. At this point the tokens can be migrated to Behodler, generating Scarcity which is then used to purchase and pool Flan.

In addition, there are traditional ‘perpetual’ pools which have no end point. These pools can be used for systemic incentives. For instance, holders of SCX, Flan, EYE or any LP combination of those could be staked for ongoing Flan rewards to encourage perpetual lockup. Since the value of SCX determines the ongoing value of Flan, providing Flan rewards for locking up SCX is offset by the deflationary pressure applied to SCX from the lockup and hence Flan.

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