Automining - because listing any token on Behodler requires a minimum level of TVB, listing any SCX LP pair such as SCX/ETH locks up that additional liquidity on Behodler

Law of Uniform Tentacle - requirement on Behodler for every new token listed to be pre-seeded with equilibrium liquidity to the rest of the tokens that are trading. Due to arbitrage of SCX, every bonding curve on Behodler rests at a common equilibrium point of total value bonded (TVB)

Price tilting - LP minting dynamics based on a 50/50 constant product formula, where can either initialize and mint an LP pair signaling a higher value for one of its tokens (by slightly altering the ratio of token1:token2 prior to minting), or have this automatically take place with a fee-on-transfer token like SCX. For example, if SCX burns on increased trading on Uniswap, its price naturally rises due to price tilting (there is less of that token in the ratio of the LP pair). This encourages more minting of SCX on Behodler (where it would be cheaper) and then selling on Uniswap or Sushiswap.

Total value bonded (TVB) - dollar value of the full quantity of a token trading on Behodler

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