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Behodler Liquidity Protocol
Behodler Liquidity Protocol is an innovative suite of DeFi products with use cases for:
Protocol to Consumer:
  • DeFi Traders
  • DeFi Farmers / LPs
  • DAO Treasuries
Protocol to Protocol:
  • External dApps
  • Protocols using Behodler as a back-end
  • Behodler-meta Protocols
Behodler ecosystem overview:
  • Behodler AMM, built using a token bonding curve that governs all liquidity pools
  • Scarcity, the AMM native token allowing for single sided liquidity provisioning
  • Limbo, the token listing and crowd funding yield farming dApp
  • PyroTokens aimed at hodling your favourite tokens which accrue AMM trading fees
Last modified 2yr ago